Product Details

Lens Spectral Reflectivity Measurement Device

  • Model:USPM-RU W
  • Specification:Quick, highly repeatable measurements; detailed graph analysis

Product Introduction

Optical Metrology (USPM-RU W)

The USPM-RU W is a reflectometer that provides highly accurate spectral reflectivity measurements of small, curved, and thin samples without interference from rear surface-reflected light.
  1. Reduce light reflected from the surface
  2. Quick result
  1. Individual types of lenses (Eyepiece lens, pick-up lens, etc.)
  2. Prismatic reflectivity and thickness measurement (Single layer film of mirror, prisms, or other coated components) 
USPM-RU W Specifications: Lens Spectral Reflectivity Measurement Device
Measurement wavelength 380nm - 780nm
Measurement method Comparison measurement using reference specimen
Sample N.A.* 0.12 (using 10x objective lens)
0.24 (using 20x objective lens)
* it differs from objective lens' N.A.
Sample W.D. 10.1 mm (using 10x objective lens)
3.1 mm (using 20x objective lens)
Sample curvature radius -1R - ∞, +1R - ∞
Sample measurement range Approximately ø60 µm (using 10x objective lens)
Approximately ø30 µm (using 20x objective lens)
Measurement repeatability (2σ) ±0.1 % and less (during 380 nm - 410 nm measurement)
±0.01 % and less (during 410 nm - 700 nm measurement)
Display resolution 1 nm
Measurement time A few secs-several secs (it differs from sampling time)
Light source Halogen lamp 12 V 100W
Z-direction movement range of the stage 85mm
PC interface USB
Weight Unit Approximately 20 kg
Power source for light source: Approximately 3 kg
Control box: Approximately 8 kg
External dimensions Unit: 300 (W) x 550 (D) x 570 (H) mm
Power source for light source: 150 (w) x 250 (D) x 140 (H) mm
Control box: 220 (W) x 250 (D) x 140 (H) mm
Power Source Power source for light source: 100 V (2.8A)/220 V AC
Control box: 100 V (0.2A)/220V AC
Environment for use Installed at the horizontal plane with no vibration
Temperature: 23 ±5°C
Humidity: 60% or less
An environment is not subject to air fluctuation
* Absolute accuracy complying with traceability system is not guaranteed.